St. Theresa’s



Lynn, MA


The Architectural Team



Project Description

As the Structural Engineer of Record, Structures North provided the structural design and construction administration for the adaptive reuse of this former convent, which has been converted into an assisted living facility. With much of the structure concealed prior to construction, our structural engineers had to address existing deficiencies during construction, which required quick responses to issues arising during demolition and construction. The project involved significant reconfiguration to meet accessibility improvements, including a new elevator and main entry. The structural modifications required completely removing deteriorated exterior decks and reconstructing enclosed decks in their place. Significant improvements were made on existing conditions, including repointing damaged exterior masonry, replacing rusted steel lintels and implementing substantial framing reinforcement and connection repairs. Structures North also provided the structural design of a new addition constructed towards the rear of the building to increase common space for residents.

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