Historic Preservation/Restoration

More than half of Structures North’s projects involve historic structures, many of these in initially poor condition and nearly all of them needing intervention. We take pride in our ability to develop appropriate material treatments and design solutions for the specific conditions at hand. Sometimes it is the purpose of our work to reverse the weathering effects of time, or to counter damage that has occurred from lack of proper maintenance. Other times, we must correct as-originally-built flaws in historic structures with discretely placed modifications or supplements that better satisfy the original builders’ intent while providing improved safety and longevity. Always in such projects where structural modifications are necessary, our goal is to leave no visible trace.

Middleborough Town Hall Cupola

Evaluation and structural stabilization of large, domed wood-framed tower constructed in 1873. Structure had developed a visible tilt and shook violently in the wind. Work included...
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Merrimack Town Hall


Project Description: Exterior restoration 19th century High Victorian Gothic town hall, including accessibility improvements, interior spatial reconfigurations, exterior restoration and seismic retrofit. Similar Projects Restoration Allston Congregational...
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415 Congress Street


415 Congress Street is a six story brick and terra cotta structure designed by Portland Architect Fredrick Tompson and built in 1911. It is individually listed in the National...
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Pine Street Inn Tower


Description: Structures North performed an evaluation of this 160-foot tuscan Campanile which served as the hose tower of the former Boston Fire Department Headquarters. The...
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