Adaptive Re-use/Renovation

The best way of saving a threatened, obsolete or functionally irrelevant structure is to give it a new life. One solution is renovation, which means updating the structure functionally and/or aesthetically in ways that allow it to serve its original purpose as well as a new replacement would, while retaining its original identity. The gift of life may also mean finding a new use for a structure, and adapting it functionally and aesthetically to serve the new use’s demands. This is called adaptive re-use, and usually involves many of the aspects of renovation as well. We believe that the built environment plays a large role in defining our society, and relish every opportunity to help historic structures retain a vital role in that on-going definition.

Mount Herman School


As the prime consultant for Northfield Mount Herman School, Structures North conducted an exterior envelope survey and mothballing study for existing buildings located on 1500+ acre campus along...
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Dudley Village


Innovative design of five new mixed use residential apartments and commercial space buildings. The five buildings are each 4 stories tall and varied in...
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St. Theresa’s


As the Structural Engineer of Record, Structures North provided the structural design and construction administration for the adaptive reuse of this former convent, which has been converted into an...
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Derby Lofts Condominiums


The Derby Lofts Condominium project involved the transformation of two dilapidated, early 20th century, four-story former industrial laundry buildings into a six-story condominium residence, with the...
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