Since our incorporation in 1997, Structures North Consulting Engineers, Inc. has grown to become one New England’s preeminent engineering consulting firms in the field of historic preservation, while growing a steady share of the commercial, institutional and residential markets. Our projects include a wide variety of structures, from new or renovated multi-unit mixed use facilities and private residences, to museum sites and houses of worship that are in need of restoration.

Although we are based in Massachusetts, approximately one half of our work is spread throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and NewYork. Other States include, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

We strive to provide the most appropriate design and diagnostic consulting for all of our projects.

As Engineers, we are trained to find the most practical, economical and expedient solution to a given set of requirements. With experience comes an ability to better understand the parameters of a project, and to find solutions that best fit those parameters, often based upon a virtual library of similar solutions to similar projects and a knowledge of what fits and what does not.

Sometimes there are unique projects with no standard, textbook solution forwhich the design requirements are not readily apparent. This is where the envelope of professional knowledge, understanding and experience must be expanded. This is where originality, creativity, and innovation are needed.

This is where we excel.