21 Beacon Street Façade Restoration


Boston, MA


Lundgren Management Company


21 Beacon Street Condominium Trust

Project Description

This on-going project involves the multi-phase façade restoration of three buildings that once comprised Boston’s Belleview Hotel, dating from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. Restoration work includes selective repointing and reconstruction of damaged brick, cast stone and limestone masonry, and exposure, repair and repainting of rusted steel frame and tie elements. Also included is window, sheet metal cornice and balcony restoration, as well as what is believed to be the first building-wide impressed-current Cathodic Protection system application in Boston. Cathodic Protection, which is totally hidden from view, protects masonry-embedded ferrous metal elements by imparting a low voltage current within the masonry that counteracts the naturally occurring current caused by corroding metal, thereby stopping the corrosion.

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